Debt collections

Benefit from streamlined reporting, global expertise and a collections partner who’s sensitive to your brand reputation and your customers’ cultural background.

Atradius Collections offers tailored debt collections services. Our expert international team offer experience and extensive local knowledge, wherever you’re trading. 

Whether you want to outsource, standardise your accounts receivables process, or simply seek local debt collections support, we are ready to respond.

Why multinationals choose us?

why multinationals choose us

We respect your reputation - and your relationships

We’re professional and respectful. We handle each collections case with the utmost care so it gets you results without negatively impacting your reputation or your relationships. You can be confident that we’re a safe pair of hands, in even the most sensitive circumstances.

We're persuasive

We’re persuasive

We have a solid global reputation. Businesses take us seriously and usually act promptly. Plus, our position as a professional third party shows your debtors that you have escalated the situation and are looking for results.

Locally based globally

Locally based, globally orchestrated

Our team is made up of professional experts on the ground, people who are familiar with local cultures and customs. They’ll make sure that local laws are observed and that standards of conduct are maintained, every step of the way.

Transparent and trusted

Transparent and trusted

As an Atradius Collections customer, you’ll have access to our credit management portal – Atrium – even if you don’t have credit insurance with Atradius. Atrium means you can monitor the status of all your collections cases throughout the process and get consistent, centralised reporting, no matter where in the world activity is taking place.


At the heart of it all: our dedicated professionals

An outstanding debt represents reduced cash flow and a potential loss to your business. The longer it’s unpaid, the greater the risk it poses. We get this. And we act fast, as soon as you notify us of a debt.

This is a partnership – you’ll have one main collections contact, an Account Manager, to oversee your cases, keep you updated on progress, and liaise with our professional collectors, who are located where your debts are. Most importantly, they’ll get to understand your business well – and can advise you on ways to reduce late payment risks and increase your debt collection efficiency. 

Our services for multinationals

Your Account Manager will work closely with you to put the right elements in place. It could include any of the following:  

Amicable Collections

We recommend Amicable Collections as the first stage of any debt collections process. It’s a non-contentious solution that helps you retain and even nurture your customer relationships as you get the debt settled.  

Legal Collections

If the amicable approach isn’t fruitful, the next step is Legal Collections – taking legal action against your debtors – with your prior approval. We have a worldwide network of lawyers, ready to outline expected outcomes and offer professional advice.

Outsourced Accounts Receivable

Our Outsourced Accounts Receivable service offers customised invoice management - so they’re less likely to remain unpaid and effectively eliminating the problem. 

Insolvency Services

If a debtor goes bankrupt, there are often a large number of creditors with legitimate claims to the debtor’s assets. We have a team of highly experienced insolvency lawyers and consultants ready to act fast on your behalf in the event of a debtor insolvency, and to support you through the entire bankruptcy proceedings.

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