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Unique credit insurance for individual contracts

The Atradius Credit Specialties team designs and creates unique trade credit insurance solutions for individual contracts or situations. Our multidisciplinary, multiproduct approach features a combination of cover for complex challenges including long tenors and large projects.

Our focus is on the commercial situation you wish to insure.  We work with you from the outset to build a bespoke solution that covers your needs. Our approach is dynamic and focuses on alternative ways to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

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In the same way that there is no standard Credit Specialties policy, there is no standard Credit Specialties customer. Everyone is unique. However,
our risk appetite is strategically selective. We usually provide cover for organisations that can demonstrate robust credit management procedures, or require insurance for a project that has intrinsic value. This may be a project with regional strategic importance for example,
or perhaps requires a credit limit of more than EUR 1 million.

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The Atradius Credit Specialties team can address complex contracts and work to support the smooth flow of the commercial relationship.
Specialist Trade Finance Support
Advance Payment Protection insurance
Single Situation insurance cover
Whole Turnover Excess of Loss insurance
Non-Cancellable insurance

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If you feel that your business would benefit from any of these services, please get in touch. We’d love to hear about your goals and see if we could help you achieve them. 

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