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partners in positive trade

Partners in positive trade: one policy, one team, tailored to your business. 

Trade credit insurance’s headline benefit is that it helps you to trade safely whilst offering the freedom to look for exciting new opportunities – markets, buyers, products, sectors. But it can do so much more, too: inform your business decisions, help you free up or access vital capital that could be working hard for you - and more besides. 

Our multinational customers need ways to mitigate risk without compromising on solid trade – and to make their own businesses a great bet for other trading partners, too. But we also know that the considerations can be complex - and countless. 

You may have thousands of accounts spanning every continent. Perhaps you need to balance your books across diverse currencies. Maybe you’re trading in regions of the world with vastly different risk levels. It could be all of the above. And we know these scenarios are the tip of the iceberg. 


Whatever your challenges, what we offer at Atradius Global is a true partnership that will:

  • Work to become an extension of your own team, developing deep understanding of your risks – but importantly, your ambitions, too.

  • Create a bespoke service for you, one that works with your own operational structure across the territories where you need us.

  • Share vital information that complements your own.

  • And help you manage it all, day in, day out through robust centralised risk mitigation. 
“The relationship and service levels provided by Atradius are second to none. Atradius fully understands our business needs and requirements.”
Credit Manager - Credit & AR, LG Electronics Ltd
Enabling business development worldwide

How we work with you

When people describe Global as an extension of your team, they mean it – we’ll get very close to your business. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, someone who’ll work with you to deeply understand your strategic objectives and structure things in the best possible way to meet them. Together with a network of Servicing Account Managers on the ground in markets where you are, they’ll also take care of the day-to-day running of your policy with us, managing and reviewing credit limits and liaising with key people at your end – and ours.  

That obviously includes our specialist underwriters who, work in sync to create the best possible cover for your business. 

  • The first is your dedicated Key Account Underwriter, who’ll work day in, day out on your account, getting to truly understand your business in tandem with your Account Manager. 

  • Secondly, Buyer Underwriters, who offer unrivalled knowledge of your key markets and sectors – they’re on the ground where your customers are located, assessing the specific risks in your supply chain.

  • And, should you need it, Special Risk Management - a team of specialists who will closely monitor buyers who are at a higher risk of default and carefully manage the risks. 

Finally, you’ll have the option to integrate collections as part of your credit insurance programme. If your customer fails to pay, our debt collections team are at hand to recover the debt quickly, sensitively and with full cultural awareness in your region of operation. 

Our experts will collaborate, identify risks, assess new situations and supplement your own information with their own additional research and industry intelligence, so you have everything you need to make informed decisions  that’ll help your business thrive.

How we help power-up your trade

Your needs, your cover

One size does not fit all. Our expert team spans over 50 countries and is skilled at tailoring policies around the most exacting needs for our customers, because every scenario is different. That could mean:

  • Whole turnover policies with terms created specifically for your business
  • Multi-buyer excess of loss
  • Single buyer cover
  • Cover to support trade financiers
Or something quite different. 

A team, on the ground, wherever you need them

Our team on the ground means you can trade safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back. At your disposal, you’ll have:

  • A central Global Account Manager to oversee your needs from an HQ level and ensure consistency around the globe.
  • Servicing Account Managers on the ground, close to your team to help them with local needs.
  • A Key Account Underwriter who will work directly with you and your central Account Manager to understand your business and to ensure consistent underwriting around the globe.
  • Buyer Underwriters on the ground, where your customers are.
  • Expertise in the local language, culture, law and jurisdiction.

Simple, streamlined working

Your policy wording, handling and processes are consistent – for you and for your subsidiaries, across all countries we cover. 

  • You get direct contact with empowered decision-makers. 
  • Our Atrium, Insights and Analyser digital tools are there for you 24/7 – because trade never stops.
  • Connectivity – you can hook up your accounts ledger to our underwriting system for seamless system integration. 

That all adds up to cover that means  you can take the risks your business needs in order to grow successfully and sustainably – with our support, every step of the way.

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